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The Belize Solid Waste Management Authority (BSWaMA) was formally established through the enactment of the Solid Waste Management Authority Act, 1991, Chapter 224 of the laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000. The Authority was established to ensure that solid waste generated in the country is managed in an environmentally sound manner.

  • The Solid Waste Management Authority Act provided for the formation of an independent Solid Waste Management Authority, with broad powers to provide for the collection and disposal of waste in accordance with regulations issued under the Act.

  • The Department of Environment identified solid waste management as one of Belize’s most pressing environmental/health concerns and prioritized it in its plan of action.

  • An agreement for a Technical Assistance Project funded by the Japanese Government was signed between the Government of Belize (GOB) and the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) for the preparation of a National Solid Waste Management Plan (NSWMP).

  • PAHO/WHO, Regional Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Management Services, reported that, “Solid waste management in Belize is a complex issue, stemming from the lack of resources for its proper management. The lack of resources is conducive to inadequate enforcement of environmental and health laws, inadequate personnel and equipment for the enforcement of laws, limited public education on solid waste practices, inadequate disposal practices, and poor maintenance and operations of landfills and dump sites”.

  • Execution of the Solid Waste Management Project.

  • Inauguration of the Belize City Transfer Station, San Ignacio/Santa Elena Transfer Station and Regional Sanitary Landfill.

  • Inauguration of the San Pedro Transfer Station, Caye Caulcker Transfer Station and Burrell Boom Transfer Station.

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